Mombasa tourism industry marches against poaching menace


(eTN) – Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) Chairman Mohammed Hersi, also Area General Manager Coast for Sarova Hotels in charge of the Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa and the two sister lodges of Taita Hills and Salt Lick, in recent days said more than enough in his tweets, when he expressed his outrage at the rate of poaching and the inadequate response by government to stop this menace.

Subsequently he organized a tourism protest march, starting under the world famous tusks which span over Moi Avenue in the center of Mombasa, expressing publicly what the tourism industry has been quietly whispering and not so loudly saying: “Enough is enough. Our message was clear – No Wildlife = No Tourism = No Economy = No Vision 2030 = No Jobs = Poverty. We must stand up and be counted and protect our national heritage. Our forefathers conserved the wildlife for us to see them so it is our duty to do the same.”

The march was covered by Kenya’s key television and radio stations in live transmissions and has raised immediate responses from among key contestants for public office – Kenya is going to the polls on March 4 – when several of them pledged to make anti-poaching measures part of their government agenda, should they be elected in a month’s time.

Those sampled for a reaction all applauded Hersi’s action and expressed their hope that the trade associations in Nairobi and perhaps other key towns across Kenya, which benefit from tourism, could stage similar public expressions of concern and demand action from the outgoing government now, and not in a few months’ time when a new government may be coming into office.