Tallinn Airport wins prestigious award for hosting Routes Europe 2012


At a ceremony which took place on Wednesday, January 16, Erik Sakkov, Member of the Board of Tallinn Airport was handed the award by the Estonian Convention Bureau for hosting the international event which is the only network planning forum for the entire European region. The event, which took place in May of last year, was the largest Routes Europe to date with almost 900 key industry decision makers descending on Tallinn to meet, do business and shape the future of Europe’s air services.

Holding Routes Europe in Estonia is, according to Sakkov, a great success. It took two years of bidding and one and a half years of preparation, but the event has paid off hugely, in fact, Tallinn Airport were able to announce during the event that they had secured a new air route with Turkish Airlines who confirmed they would be commencing a three times weekly service to the Estonian capital.

“However unique we might consider our Old Town or singing tradition, the reality is that looking from Europe, we are still seen like a post-soviet country somewhere in Siberia,” commented Sakkov, “No flyer or advertisement can disprove this prejudice, the only thing that helps is to get all the decision makers here and show them, how great a place Estonia is for a tourist and that it’s also one of the most favorable places in Europe for doing business.”

Andrew Rowe, VP Operations for Routes, organizers of the event said the delegates were impressed with the hospitality and seamless organization by Tallinn Airport: “Routes Europe 2012 in Tallinn was a great success. It was a fantastic show and the attending airlines and airports enjoyed the city and Estonian hospitality. They left with a very favorable impression of Tallinn and Estonia.” Rowe continued, “To quote from one delegate’s feedback ‘this was one of the best organized events I have ever attended, a big thank you to Tallinn Airport.’”

“Altogether, there were 11 nominees for the award of Conference of the Year 2012,” said Kadri Karu, CEO of the Estonian Convention Bureau, continuing, “Routes Europe 2012 definitely caught the attention and acknowledgement of Estonia as well as abroad.” This January, the Estonian Convention Bureau (ECB) celebrates its 5th year. ECB serves as an association of convention businesses and municipalities, which aims to promote Estonia as a destination for convention tourism and Karu promises that the Estonian Convention Bureau will do everything to promote Estonia as a host for events of this magnitude.”

Routes is a member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

PHOTO: (Top, L to R) – Mrs. Kulli Karing, Chairman of the Board, Estonian Convention Bureau; Mr. Arvo Sarapuu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn; Mr. Erik Sakkov, Member of the Board, Tallinn Airport, (Bottom, L to R) – Mr. Erik Sakkov, Member of the Board, Tallinn Airport ; Mrs. Kadri Karu, Acting Managing Director of Estonian Convention Bureau; Mr. Arvo Sarapuu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn