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Foreign tourists flock to Dalian International Beach Culture Festival

Increasingly pluralistic Dalian Golden Pebble Beach be favored by tourists
Dalian Golden Pebble Beach

Since 2004, Dalian, a coastal city in northern China, has held a beach festival every summer. The festival is located in the Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort Zone, which is famous for its beautiful scenery, especially its charming beaches.

Dalian International Beach Culture Festival, which has just concluded, has attracted more and more tourists from home and abroad. This year’s beach festival, since the opening in mid-July, the average daily reception of tourists is nearly 30,000 person-times, about 30 percent more than the previous year. To the end-September at the close, the beach festival has received tourists more than 2 million person-times, according to Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Management Committee.

The cultural elements, especially fashion cultural elements presented by this year’s beach festival, has brought more enjoyment to people. The first large holographic immersive amusement project in China, “light of stone”, combines sound, light and shadow with dazzling light show and changing building structure show, which is very impressive. The newly launched “EDM electronic Party” this year is the most popular activity among young tourists and citizens, accompanied by the fast rhythm of music, tourists wave their glow sticks and join in the super exhilarating music scene, as if every cell is “hey up”.

In addition, this year’s beach festival has led to a higher level of participation. Photography Contest, Swimming Fitness theme series activities, China Sand Painting Show National Youth Professional Sand Painting Contest, National Beach Volleyball Invitational Tournament, Underwater Robot Target Capture Contest, China Tourist City Orienteering Challenge and other activities, all are fascinating, rich and varied, which has met the needs of different tourists.

With the increasing influence of the beach festival, its international atmosphere is increasingly profound. This year’s beach festival includes International Beach Ultimate Frisbee Open Tournament, International Youth Art Festival and Gold Coast Carnival Water Season and other activities, all have present international scene, especially the 2019 Luhua Cup Chinese Cuisine World Championship in late August, it has brought together nearly 20 countries and regions, 200 elite cooks to compete. As an international standard of professional event, it has attracted the world new eyes.

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