Seychelles Tourism Minister says industry points the way to economic stability


Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, said as he was taking time to issue end-of-year greetings, that tourism was an industry dependent on people who were professionals in that field. Minister St.Ange, who is also a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) alongside Juergen Steinmetz and Geoffrey Lipman, the President and Chief Executive of the tourism organization set to give a voice to companies and tourism professionals on a worldwide stage, is also the President of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organization.

“The world at large is facing serious economic difficulties, and in this difficult period, countries are now stating openly that tourism is clearly the solution for jobs and for national growth for country economy. This is the industry for the well-being of our people, and today more so than yesterday, everyone needs to take time to not only better understand that fragile and very volatile industry, but to also appreciate its importance,” said Minister Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles.

The sought-after tourism destination of the Seychelles is sitting in an envious mid-ocean location. They have a weather pattern that has given then the connotation of the islands with perpetual summer. Today, Seychelles is recognized as the country that has made the right moves at the right time with regards to its tourism industry. The President of the island Republic, Mr. James Michel, personally held the tourism portfolio when he wanted to launch a brand of tourism for the islands that would become the base for the consolidation of the Seychelles tourism industry. President James Michel said when he launched his “Seychelles Brand” of tourism that the Seychellois, young and old, needed to get involved in their tourism industry. According to President Michel, this was the way to protect and defend the industry. This was when the President of the Seychelles called for the people of the archipelago to claim back their industry.

The personal attention for tourism by the Seychelles President set the stage for the new Minister responsible for Tourism to build on, to get the islands recognized as leaders in the world of tourism. Today, the successes of Seychelles in the field of tourism are intensely followed, their action plan is assessed, and their marketing strategies studied.

“Tourism remains very important for job creation. Tourism is our country’s biggest export industry, and it needs to be seen as the solution for many difficulties resulting from the troubled economic difficulties the world was going through. It is tourism that has the capacity of being the machine for the well-being of the people of the world, and this would happen more as the tourism sector gains more and more a growing importance to many countries,” the Seychelles Minister St.Ange said.