Sri Lanka listed as new emerging travel powerhouse


SRI LANKA (eTN) – At the end of the annual World Travel Mart (WTM), usually held in November each year in London, and considered as one of the most important events in the world tourism calendar, an industry report is published which highlights world travel trends and insights, with emphasis on the UK market .

This report is an important and prestigious publication which is referred to by many professionals in the industry world over in making their strategic plans for the forthcoming year.

It is noteworthy that Sri Lanka has been listed as one of the five “New Emerging Travel Powerhouses” in this publication for 2012, the others being Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Argentina.

In fact a new acronym was coined for this sectorial grouping as SLIMMA last year at the WTM.

The three key factors highlighted for Sri Lanka are:

– Re-emerging after the civil war
– Investing in infrastructure
– Beauty of destination

It is important that Sri Lankan hoteliers take note of these findings and strategically develop and position their product and service offerings accordingly, in relation to the competition, to capitalize on these trends.

World Travel Market Industry Report: