New survey reveals Europe’s best airports to get stuck in


LONDON, England – released the results of its survey on “Europe’s Best Airports to Get Stuck In” today. Natural disaster and unforeseen events can leave travelers stuck in airports. The survey shows that there are certain airports Europeans would rather be stuck in, revealing a top 10 list, including London Heathrow Airport (England), Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (Netherlands), Malaga Airport (Spain), and Stockholm Airport (Sweden).

Europe’s Best Airports to Get Stuck In:

1. London Heathrow Airport (England)
2. Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (Netherlands)
3. Malaga Airport (Spain)
4. Stockholm Airport (Sweden)
5. Frankfurt International Airport (Germany)
6. Gatwick Airport (England)
7. Lisboa Airport (Portugal)
8. Liefur Eriksson Airport (Iceland)
9. Madrid Bajaras Airport (Spain)
10. Brussels Airport (Belgium) is the only travel-dating website where single travelers are matched with generous travelers for a destination date. The website launched in April of this year and has quickly amassed over 150,000 members worldwide, inspiring over 60,000 trips to destinations all over the globe.

Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of, is a frequent flyer, a Delta – Diamond Medallion Member with 888,576 miles, an American Airlines – Executive Platinum Elite Member with 99,756 miles, and a United Airlines – 1K Member with 756,773 miles. “In order to ease frustration, travelers need to be distracted and entertained while waiting,” remarked Mr. Wade, an MIT Graduate. “I fly every other week and have been through my fair share of travel woes. The first thing I look for if my plans go sour, is a place to work and a good meal, which surprisingly is not easy to come by in every airport.”

According to the survey, the least desirable airports to be stuck in include Munich Airport (Germany), Charles de Gaulle Airport (France), Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (Italy), Reykjavik Keflavik Airport (Iceland), and Euro Airport Basel Mullhouse (Finland). The survey measured desirability based on factors such as cleanliness, aesthetics, amenities, and selection of food and shopping.

“My travel companion is usually my wife, so I prefer airports with amenities and features that help relieve the stresses associated with delays,” said Wade, “Factors such as good shopping and fine dining help determine an airport’s ‘stuck-ability’ to us.”