Airline travel stinks, but this is ridiculous


A flight from Miami to Bogotá was delayed Wednesday after a four-legged passenger raised a stink.

A skunk in a cargo hold on American Airlines Flight 915 delayed the trip for nearly 2 ½ hours. The menacing thunderstorms in the area also factored into the delay.

Little was known about the skunk Wednesday night — how it made its way on or off the Airbus A300 remained a mystery — but the flight took off from Miami International Airport just after 7:30 p.m.

”We don’t have any idea how the skunk got on,” said Tim Wagner, an airline spokesman.

The skunk apparently made itself at home inside the bulk-cargo compartment, used to stow parcels and packages.

Airline ramp workers likely made the discovery.

”I think they smelled it,” Wagner said.

Wagner didn’t know if any odor made its way into the passenger cabin but said that would be unlikely.

It’s unknown what happened to the skunk.

It wasn’t the first time an unwanted critter made its way onto a flight.

”There’ve been other animal environments found in the cargo hold from time to time,” Wagner said.