Design-Biennial in Istanbul: center of attention is the imperfect


From October 13 until December 12, 2012, the first Design-Biennial in Istanbul lures the international art community to the Bosporus. For two months the vibrant city will have the slogan “imperfect.” Considering all the imperfectness, all visitors are happy about some contrast, especially when checking into a hotel. The design hotel Sumahan on the Water is located only 15 minutes by car from the Biennial and offers eleven rooms and 13 suites. Located directly along the Bosporus, all rooms and suites offer an unobstructed view of the historical scenery of the old town and the European side of Istanbul. The design, service and the location of the hotel are perfect in that extent that anybody looking for imperfectness will have a hard time finding it. During the Biennial, Sumahan on the Water offers rates from 125 euro for two persons sharing, including breakfast. Further information under .

Sumahan on the Water was opened in 2005. The renowned and Istanbul-based architects Mark and Nedret Butler recognized the potential of the former Ottoman distillery, dating back to the 19th century and transformed it into a design hotel that truly deserves its name. It was important to them to keep the original industrial building and set a course with contemporary design, clear lines and forms. The interior design, by architect Yasha Butler, is based on wood, marble, steel and brick which blends skillfully with fine textiles. Various hues of blue, green and grey reminds of the ocean that meanders in front of the hotel. Sumahan on the Water is a prime example for considered historical change and is a design phenomenon of Istanbul where quality design is presented in a historical context. The name of the hotel is composed of “Suma” and “Han”, where “Suma” is the Ottoman name for the unadulterated spirit used to make Raki and “Han” translates into hotel or hostel.