Maldives accepting proposals for management of Herathera Island on Seenu Atoll


Maldives Tourism Development Corporation Plc (MTDC) requests both Maldivian and foreign parties to submit written proposals under the Request for Proposal (RFP) dated October 16, 2012 (REF no: MTDC/2012/HIR-RFP/01) for the management/operation of Herathera Island, Seenu Atoll, an island leased by the government of Maldives, by either one or both of the following ways:

a. Formation of a Joint Venture Partnership with MTDC for management and operation of the island. Parties who are eligible to submit proposals for this option are Maldivian and foreign limited liability companies only.

b. Full outright purchase of the island and management and operation of a resort hotel thereupon. Parties who are eligible to submit proposals for this option are Maldivian and foreign individuals, partnerships, and companies.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is available on the MTDC website: . A pre-submission meeting to provide information about the RFP to the interested parties will be held on November 5, 2012, 1400 hours, at the MTDC Head Office.

A complete set of Request for Proposal Documents (RFPD) may be purchased on submission of an Application Form to MTDC. The Application Form can be collected from the MTDC Head Office or can be downloaded from MTDC’s website.

Interested parties must submit their proposal on or before November 21, 2012, 1400 hours.


Herathera is situated in the southern-most tip of Maldives and is 10 minutes by speed boat from the Gan International Airport in Seenu Atoll. The property is 4 kilometers long in length and is separated by a channel whereby the channel flows between Herathera and Hulhudhu/Meedhu – inhabited islands. The property houses 544 beds which are spread over the length of 4 km. Out of the 272 rooms, 151 of them are Beach Villas, 120 of which are Jacuzzi Beach Villas, and 1 Grand Master Beach Villa. Beach Villas are individual wooden bungalows located on the beach offering a beautiful view of the ocean. Jacuzzi Beach Villas are beach villas with a more spacious bedroom and a Jacuzzi for two, under the stars on a wooden deck in the backyard. For more information about the island, go to:

For further details, please visit MTDC’s website or contact MTDC via or .

Request for Proposals: