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Kenya coast tourism industry demands more roads and bridges

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The constant traffic jams in and out of the city across the

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The constant traffic jams in and out of the city across the Nyali Bridge from the northern mainland and across the dam between the airport, as well as the access from Nairobi into the city, have ignited the ire of the tourism sector on the Kenyan coast. Commuters and the business community at large have long complained to the council and government about a lack of attention to infrastructure and the failure to create new bridges, dams, and roads into the city – Mombasa being an island as it is.

For a long time, the tourism industry has demanded that a completely new road from the Nairobi road and airport must be built to the South Coast, where key tourism resorts are located, which presently can only be reached through the equally-congested ferry. Located at the Likoni Channel, which opens the Kilindini sea port of Mombasa to the Indian Ocean, the ferries have been unreliable for a long time, due to being used beyond their planned lifespan. In the past, many tourists missed flights when stuck on the southern mainland side, with broken-down ferries the only mode of transportation available to get them to their destination.

In order to gain a higher profile in the ranking of globally-renowned beach destinations, the Kenyan government must now decide what added infrastructure will be needed in terms of roads, bridges, dams, water, electricity, and refuse collection, among others, so that tourists can be lured to the Indian Ocean beaches and truly enjoy a holiday of a lifetime without having to crawl through thick traffic on arrival and departure.

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