Tanzania courts Indian travelers


Other than European and American tourist markets, Tanzania turns to Indian market
By Apolinari Tairo

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) – Targeting millions of Indian outbound tourists, Tanzania tourism authorities announced it will launch this week the first-ever marketing campaign in India.

A delegation of at least 10 senior tourist marketing and planning executives are in India to launch the first Tanzanian tourist marketing campaign in the fast-growing Indian outbound tourist market.

Tanzanian Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Shamsa Mwangunga is leading the delegation which comprised of tourism and travel trade business company directors, wildlife conservation officials, tourism marketing executives and diplomats.

Senior marketing officials from the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) told eTN that the Tanzanian delegation to New Delhi and Mumbai will carry on a road show program that will market Tanzania’s tourist attractions to Indian travelers through sensitizing Indian outbound tour operators and travel agents to start promoting destination Tanzania.

Road show program in Delhi will be held today, June 19, and the Mumbai one will be on June 24 with various marketing and business interactions between the Tanzanian delegation and Indian travel trade executives. The Indian travel and business media houses will be invited to speed up the campaign.

India is now Tanzania’s key target tourist market outside the traditional European and American markets. New campaigns have also been directed to China, Japan and South Korea.

Reports show that India’s consumption-driven economy, a large and increasingly affluent middle class, and the on-going liberalization of air transport will contribute to a 10 percent annual growth in Indian outbound travelers to Asia and Pacific over the next two years.

India is one of the fastest growing markets in Asia where international outbound trips by resident nationals peaked at around 8.3 million two years ago, making India the fourth largest source market behind China, Japan and South Korea.

Tanzania is as well, targeting Indian Diaspora in Africa, Europe and America with touches in their homeland. Thousands of Indian immigrants register to work in Africa every year, mostly in technological sectors.

Indo-Tanzania relation has been a pulling force to hundreds of Indian migrant workers in this African nation every year and some have contributed significantly to travel trade development in East Africa.