US travel abroad dropped 3 percent in 2011


The US resident outbound market totaled 58.7 million in 2011, down 3 percent from 2010. Travel to overseas regions declined 5 percent (source: Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, US Department of Commerce), while travel to Mexico and Canada were flat and down 1 percent, respectively. This is the fourth straight year for declines in the total number of Americans going abroad.

The top 5 countries visited by US residents in 2011, were: Mexico (20.1 million), Canada (11.6 million), the United Kingdom (2.4 million), France (1.8 million), and Italy (1.7 million). Only 3 of the top 10 destinations visited by US travelers posted increases in 2011.

Spending by US residents traveling abroad (imports) totaled US$109.8 billion, up 7 percent from 2010. Spending within foreign countries (travel payments) totaled US$78.7 billion, up 4 percent, and US travelers spending on transportation, via foreign carriers (passenger fare payments), totaled US$31.1 billion in 2011, up 14 percent. Top countries for US spending included Mexico (US$9.3 billion), the United Kingdom (US$8.7 billion), Canada (US$7.7 billion), Germany (US$5.7 billion), and Japan (US$5.0 billion).

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