Seychelles Tourism Launches New Service Excellence Program

image courtesy of Seychelles Dept. of Tourism

Based on three main pillars, Sensitization and Awareness, Education and Training and Recognition and Award, the program aims to bring about a change in people’s attitudes and perceptions concerning customer service in general in Seychelles and is anticipated to be the start of a long-lasting national project.

In his address following a presentation on the essence of Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel and reveal of the campaign’s logo, Minister Radegonde explained that the campaign is to encourage and cultivate the ethos of service excellence, pride in hosting our guests and to recognize those in the tourism industry who excel.

“Hospitality is something every Seychellois learns at his or her mother’s knee, and we can safely say that it ranks next to cleanliness and godliness in our culture. Every visitor who disembarks in this country is our guest, visiting us here in our home. We have to take pride in being hosts and delivering the best service we can to make each one of them feel welcome at every touchpoint in that journey throughout the time we are hosting them here in Seychelles, our home. Our livelihoods and the of our industry depend on it,” the minister said.

The project, which falls under the mandate of the Tourism Department’s Destination Planning & Development Division and is being deployed by the Industry Human Resource Development section within this division; has been in preparation since the third quarter of 2021 guided by a high-level coordinating committee chaired by Principal Secretary Sherin Francis.

PS Francis expressed her gratitude to all who responded positively to the various media calls by presenting their ideas to make the event a success. Highlighting the essence of the campaign and the importance of the three pillars underpinning the campaign she said,

“Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel encapsulates everything we want to describe; our aspiration for our service industry; warm, friendly, helpful, generous… and it applies to everyone offering a service. It’s a word not as commonly used nowadays. It is speaking in the affirmative. We know we are not there yet but this is where we aspire to be. We are proud of our islands, its natural beauty and splendor, we are proud of our people; friendly, loving, multi-ethnic, diverse, and we know we have it in us to be hospitable. We just need to be proudly show it. Proud to serve and be bold enough to put our pride aside or whatever is stopping us from going that extra mile,” said PS Francis.

The campaign’s theme song, interpreted by Aaron Jean accompanied by Channel Azemia was then performed. ‘Tourizm i nou dipen’, written by renowned Seychellois artist Jean-Marc Volcy is dedicated to highlighting the importance of the tourism sector as our breadwinner.

In his closing remarks Director General for Destination Planning and Development, Paul Lebon delivered a vote of thanks to all who have brought the program to fruition.

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