Successful Limb Regeneration in Adult Frogs using a Novel Drug Combination

Michael Levin, Vannevar Bush Professor of Biology  at Tufts University and David Kaplan, Stern Family Professor of Engineering at Tufts are co-founders of Morphoceuticals Inc., demonstrated along with their team: regrowth, marked tissue repatterning, and functional restoration of an X. laevis hindlimb following a brief, 24-hour exposure to a novel multidrug, pro-regenerative treatment delivered by a wearable bioreactor. Regenerated tissues composed of new skin, bone, vasculature, and nerves significantly exceeded the complexity and sensorimotor capacities of the study’s controls.

Levin stated that “Organisms such as X. laevis, whose limited regenerative capacities in adulthood mirror some of the key limitations of humans, are important models with which to test interventions and discover triggers that could restore both form and function”. Kaplan added “These data demonstrate our ability to successfully ‘kickstart’ endogenous regenerative pathways in vertebrates; however, translation of these findings to mammals remains to be demonstrated as a next key step in this process”.

Greg Bailey, MD, CEO at Juvenescence Ltd., the originating funder of Morphocueticals, noted “Drs. Levin and Kaplan are pioneering new approaches to enable the regeneration of functioning limbs, tissues, and organs. These findings herald the first application of a new of new set of tools that will be further developed by Morphoceuticals and will allow us to explore new approaches to regenerative treatment in ways that are truly unique”. He added that “The potential applications are aimed at one day helping patients overcome the burden of loss of organs and limbs in ways that traditional medicine cannot,and that was why Juvenescence invested and continues to be so supportive of Morphoceuticals’ scientific platform.”

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