Human Composting is Now Available to Canadian Residents

The ’s proprietary Terramation service gently transforms human remains into soil, ensuring that our last act on earth is to enrich and improve it. Modern burial and cremation methods are environmentally unsustainable, and Return Home’s Terramation process provides a much needed, earth-friendly alternative.

CEO Micah Truman said “Return Home is incredibly excited to be the first company offering Terramation services to Canadian residents. We look forward to opening a facility in Canada just as soon as legislation approving Terramation is approved, and in the meantime are delighted that we can now offer our services to Canadian residents.”

Return Home can now accept bodies at our Seattle based facility from Canada both by air and ground transport, and are able to return terramated soil back to the families once the process is completed. The Return Home team is fully versed in managing the international transportation process, and will be responsible for handling every aspect of our Canadian client’s care.

The Return Home team is available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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