Rare Cannabis Compounds Proven to Prevent Covid-19 Infection

The Oregon State University researchers found that two cannabinoid acids, CBGA and CBDA, bind to the virus’ spike protein, preventing entrance into the cell and averting infection altogether. This finding is especially noteworthy given the demand for alternative or supplemental methods of protection against Covid-19.

Hemp extracts CBD and CBG have long been used for their various health and wellness benefits. Lesser-known acidic compounds like CBDA and CBGA are more difficult to find in the market due to the intensive process required to isolate them. Essentia’s patented water-based extraction method effectively retains CBDA and CBGA in their original with purity up to 99% without using harmful solvents in the process.

The benefits of hemp’s acidic compounds are abundant. Studies point to CBDA and CBGA as effective treatment options for conditions including anxiety, psychosis, chronic pain and nausea, among others.

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