Americans warned to avoid any travel to Russia now

Americans warned to avoid any travel to Russia now
Americans warned to avoid any travel to Russia now

The US Department of State issued a “Do Not Travel” advisory message for Russian Federation, telling US citizens to avoid visiting Russia due to potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, COVID-19 crisis, and “harassment by Russian government security officials,” among other reasons.

“Due to Russia’s heightened military presence and ongoing military exercises along the border region with Ukraine, US citizens located in or considering travel to the districts of the Russian Federation immediately bordering Ukraine should be aware that the situation along the border is unpredictable and there is heightened tension,” the State Department’s advisory states, also noting a potential risk of terrorism, harassment, and “the arbitrary enforcement of local law.”

The agency said that the US government’s ability “to provide routine or emergency services” is “severely limited” in Russia.

Washington has also put Ukraine on its “Do Not Travel” list “due to the increased threats of Russian military action and COVID-19.” 

US diplomats’ families have been ordered to leave Ukraine, while some US embassy staffers were also allowed to depart on a “voluntary” basis.

The US State Department‘s warning comes as the threat of Russian aggression against Ukraine remain at an all-time high. In recent months, Russia concentrated over a 100,000 troops and military equipment on the border with Ukraine, apparently with a view to launching another attack on the neighboring country.

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