New Clinical Trial for Prostate Cancer Treatment

HP518 has been discovered and developed by Hinova’s targeted protein degradation drug discovery platform. It has the potential to overcome the drug resistance of prostate cancer due to some specific AR mutations.

Chimeric degraders are bifunctional small molecules that promote degradation of target proteins with high potency and high selectivity. This technology has the potential to target non-druggable targets and to overcome the drug resistance issue of traditional small molecule drugs.

“This is a significant milestone in the progress of our efforts from drug discovery to the clinical study,” said Yuanwei Chen, Ph.D., President and CEO of Hinova. “We are excited about it and dedicated to bringing new treatment options to patients worldwide!”

Through the targeted protein degradation drug discovery platform, Hinova can screen protein degradation activity rapidly and accomplish efficient design and optimization of chimeric degraders. Furthermore, Hinova has profound experience in chemical manufacturing control of Chimeric degrader compounds.

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