New Anti-Rape Tool

SafetyNet provides a cup or stir stick that, upon introduction to “designer” drugs like GHB, rohypnol, and ketamine, changes in color from translucent to purple, alerting the drinker that a drug has been placed in their drink.

“The goal is to make it known that an attempt has been made to drug the beverage, reducing the chances of a sexual assault or abduction,” said Reena Sehgal, a Los Angeles-based attorney representing SafetyNet. “People can rest easier knowing their drink is going to notify them if someone makes an attempt to violate their rights.”

An American is subject to rape or sexual assault roughly every 68 seconds, according to the anti-sexual assault organization RAINN, with five percent of reported sexual assaults classified as drug-induced. The product, which has been approved by John Hopkins, will be demoed at the gala.

SafetyNet cups and stirrers will be commercially available once funding has been secured. The products are currently expected to hit shelves at grocery stores, liquor stores and elsewhere by May 2022.

“SafetyNet itself will reduce sexual assaults by detecting these drugs, but perhaps even more importantly, its very existence will serve as a deterrent,” Sehgal said. “Rapists and human traffickers will think twice if there’s a readily available product that will catch them in the act.”

Proceeds from the charity event will benefit RAINN, Love Fearless, and other non-profits dedicated to stopping sexual assault and human trafficking.

SafetyNet is sponsored by Sehgal Law PC, Lastine Impressions, and Broken Vase Productions. Its goal is to greatly reduce those numbers and bring a product to market that will allow people to rest easy knowing their drink is safe to consume.

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