New U.S. Patent for Detecting PTSD in Living Subjects

The patent, entitled “Compositions and Methods to Detect GluA1 in Brain and to Identify the Presence of GluA1-Mediated PTSD,” is directed to novel compositions and methods for diagnosing PTSD as well as treating PTSD following such a diagnosis.              

“The compound protected by this patent is from one of a series of classes that Neurovation Labs is developing to enable objective diagnosis of PTSD and to better evaluate the mechanisms underlying PTSD and other mental health disorders. These compounds and the corresponding methods covered by the patent represent a novel, targeted approach to mental health and visualizing brain-mediated disorders,” said Dr. Jennifer Perusini, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the .

This patent is owned solely by Neurovation Labs and is the first issuance from a broader intellectual property portfolio stemming from the company’s research and development.

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