New Acute Treatment for Migraine

Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other pain conditions, announced today the publication of a new peer-reviewed study analyzing the efficacy, safety and of remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) as a standalone, and medication adjunct, treatment of migraine. The real-world evidence study published in Frontiers in Pain Research Journal concludes that REN, administered by Theranica’s flagship product Nerivio®, performs well across all three parameters.

Results from an analysis of over 23,000 treatments, collected over a period of 19 months, demonstrated significant efficacy of REN. In 66.5% of the treatments, REN was used as a standalone treatment. In approximately 80% of the treatments, no other prescribed medication was used. Out of 2,514 patients included in the efficacy analysis, 32% of the episodic migraine patients and 21% of the chronic migraine patients, achieved pain freedom two hours post treatment in most of their treatments, and over 65% experienced sustained pain relief post two hours. In the safety analysis, only 59 of the 12,368 participants (0.48%) reported any device-related adverse events, the vast majority of which were mild (56) with no reports of any severe events.

Worn on the upper arm at the onset of a migraine attack, Nerivio alleviates migraine headache and associated symptoms by utilizing REN to trigger an endogenous analgesic mechanism, known as conditioned pain modulation (CPM). The device is controlled via a smartphone app, allowing patients to set the intensity of their treatment as well as maintain a built-in migraine diary that can easily be shared with physicians for improved migraine tracking and management.

Nerivio is a prescribed, digitally connected wearable. Clinical studies have shown that Nerivio is effective and safe for the treatment of episodic and chronic migraine in individuals aged 12 and older.

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