Dr Jaymz New Hit Single Battles Mental Health Crisis

The global Coronavirus pandemic has caused detrimental effects on people’s mental and emotional health throughout the world. Lockdowns, isolation and uncertainty have contributed to an alarming increase in anxiety, depression and self-harm among young people. According to the CDC’s most recent report, 25% from a worldwide sample of young people reported struggling with mental stability. It’s apparent that people need a sense of hope and love to combat these emotions. Dr Jaymz is doing that by merging music with an uplifting message that combats feelings of despair.

His new release combines retro disco with electronic dance to join the current disco revival made popular by artists like Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and Doja Cat. The song’s chic-style guitar, funky synth and pulsating baseline create a groove that moves listeners to their feet. What’s more, its lyrics are gospel orientated, giving listeners good vibes and good news all at the same time.

People who struggle with debilitating feelings of loneliness can often feel like they have no one who cares about them or understands their sadness. However, through his upbeat single, Dr Jaymz pierces the hearts of listeners with lyrics of purpose, love and care, showing people they aren’t alone. He sings, “Your love is wider than the ocean. Your grace is deeper than the sea.” His lyrics tell listeners that God loves them and wants to give them comfort and peace. He adds, “When I felt all hope was gone, I found you. You gave me joy.” Everyone is looking for joy, and this song highlights the everlasting joy found in a relationship with God.

Not only is “Your Love” a good fit with the current pop disco wave, but its video matches the vibe. The music video capitalizes on the essence of togetherness — something we have lost in the global pandemic — giving your audience a visual representation of people coming together to experience joy.

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