What are the most comfortable bed sheets?

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What materials do we use?

What materials are used for quality bedding? They must be natural, durable, and safe for health. Linens and Hutch use:

  • incredibly soft and long-lasting microfiber;
  • luxurious smooth bamboo textile;
  • 100% natural cotton.

Microfiber luxury sheets sets are great for people suffering from various allergies and are also good in the cold season as they warm well and provide good air circulation. This material is resistant to the formation of pills, puffs, does not wrinkle, and retains a good appearance for a long time. Bamboo bedding is thin, smooth as silk, absorbs moisture well, is breathable, and looks good. Bed sheets made from this material are suitable for children. Cotton sheets are great for everyday use, skin-friendly, and durable.

Flannel bed sheets

Flannel is one of the most popular materials for bed sheets. Benefits of flannel sheets:

  • made from natural materials;
  • hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust, and does not cause allergic reactions;
  • absorbs moisture and sweat well;
  • wear-resistant and will last for many years with proper care;
  • easy to clean;
  • cozy and pleasant to the skin.

However, flannel has some disadvantages. It should be washed at low temperatures to avoid shrinkage and deformation of the fabric. Flannel dries for a long time. It is not as critical after washing, but it is better to leave the bed uncovered until the sheets are dry. Remove stains on the flannel bed sheets before machine washing; otherwise, they may remain forever.

General recommendations for bedding care

You should always wash your bed sheets before using them for the first time; this will cleanse, fix the color, and soften the fabric. Turn duvet covers and pillowcases inside out to clean the corners of dust. Place the sheet inside the duvet cover and close the zipper or buttons. Wash colored sheets separately from whites. Check the temperature of the wash. These simple rules will help you extend the life of your beddings. Linens and Hutch wish you pleasant dreams on soft and comfortable bed sheets.

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