Sweden Gets a New Political Party: Svenska Rikslagen


Svenska Rikslagen was created in response to the Swedish government’s response to the Covid pandemic. 


With the origin from the UN convention of human rights and with support of Sweden’s national laws, Svenska Rikslagen will at an individual level, together with advocates and scientists, evaluate elected leaders’ actions and where applicable demand responsibility.

Svenska Rikslagen plans to question and evaluate:

•             The judicial legitimacy for a vaccine passport

•             The responsibility concerning vaccination programs directed at children and youth

•             The systematic discrimination against non-vaccinated citizens

•             Responsibility and benefits of the vaccines’ effects vs. adverse reactions 

•             The lock-downs’ economic effects


Svenska Rikslagen does not differentiate between ethnic backgrounds, man or woman, vaccinated or unvaccinated.  Svenska Rikslagen is a politically unaligned party which takes a stand for all Swedish citizens who seek truth and justice.

With the party Svenska Rikslagen, citizens and people from all walks of life receive a gathering place to unite and speak out. It is no longer about public health or dividing people into groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is about uniting the people and standing up for our human rights.

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