Australia top choice for Brits who want to emigrate

Australia top choice for Brits who want to emigrate
Australia top choice for Brits who want to emigrate

A new study has revealed that British citizens seek to move to Australia more than any other country in the world, according to Google searches.

The study analyzed Google search data to establish which countries UK residents were searching for the most when it comes to permanently moving.

The research found that Australia was the most Googled country, with a combined 6,400 average monthly searches for terms such as ‘Emigrate to Australia’ and ‘Australian Visa’ being made by Brits.

According to Google Trends, searches for the term ‘Emigrate to Australia’ have surged 125% in the UK since March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. An average of 58,000 UK citizens emigrate to the country a year, seeking sun and a change of lifestyle.

Canada is the second most searched for by Brits when it comes to moving abroad. The combined search volume for terms including ‘Emigrate to Canada’ and ‘Canadian Visa’ comes to 5,400 per month.

The third most sought after country for Brits to emigrate to is New Zealand with a combined search volume of 3,600 per month. UK residents’ interest in emigrating to New Zealand has risen 14% in the last year alone, according to Google Trend data.

The United States is the fourth most sought after destinations for Brits looking to relocate. There are 2,500 combined monthly searches by UK residents seeking to move to America. South Africa rank fifth with 1,330 searches a month for emigrating and visas to the country.

There are numerous reasons that Brits want to move abroad, whether it’s for a hotter climate, a cheaper economy or to be nearer loved ones. With an average of 400,000 Brits emigrating each year, this data offers a fascinating insight into where UK residents wish to relocate this year.

The Top 5 Countries that Brits want to Emigrate to
CountryNumber of combined monthly Google searches in relation to emigration
New Zealand3,600
United States of America2,500
South Africa1,330

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