Mexican Tourism the SKAL Way: Friendship, a Special Toast, and Stars at the AGM

Secretary of Tourism & SKAL International President Burcin Turkkan were two of the stars at the just concluded AGM of the SKAL Club in Mexico.

Watch the Mexican Secretary of Tourism, the Hon. Miguel Torruco Marques with a very special address in support of SKAL, Friendship, and the Spirit of Mexican Tourism.

SKAL International President Burcin Turkkan flew in from Atlanta to attend the AGM (General Meeting) for the Mexico SKAL Club.

SKAL MEXICO Vice President Jane Garcia took over the new role as president for SKAL Mexico from Enrique Flores.

A skål is a Scandinavian toast of friendship adopted by the SKAL Organization and goodwill that may be offered when drinking, sitting down to eat, or at a formal event. Some fans of Scandinavian culture have popularized the toast beyond its native countries, and it can often be heard in many peculiar corners of the world, especially in regions with a large Scandinavian population. The word may also be spelled skal or skaal.

In Tourism SKAL includes more than 12706 members, entailing of industry’s Managers and Executives, meet at Local, National, Regional and International levels to do among friends throughout more than 318 Skål Clubs along 97 countries.

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