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US tourist attractions with the most expensive parking fees

US tourist attractions with the most expensive parking fees
US tourist attractions with the most expensive parking fees
Written by Harry Johnson

Parking at many US attractions can end up costing visitors much more than expected.

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When planning a road trip around the country we think of petrol, hotels, food, souvenirs…but it’s sometimes easy to forget surprise expenses.

Whether you’re on holiday abroad or vacationing closer to home, costs can add up fast. Before you realize it, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on surprise expenses like transport tickets, checking baggage, and parking your car.

Driving in the USA is one of the easiest ways to road trip and get around.

However, it could cost more than you expect to park at some of the States’ top attractions. 

Travel experts have put together a list of the cheapest, the most expensive, and the free attraction car parks, showing which are the most convenient tourist attractions.

Most expensive US attraction parkings

RankAttractionParking Price 
1The Metropolitan Museum of Art$50.00
2Faneuil Hall$43.00
3Navy Pier$42.00
4Universal Studios Hollywood$30.00
4Disneyland Resort$30.00
6Walt Disney World Resort$25.00
7The Getty Center$20.00
8Santa Monica Beach$18.00
9The Broad$17.00
9Petersen Automotive Museum$17.00
11La Brea Tar Pits$15.00
11Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County$15.00
11California Science Center$15.00
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