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Autoville Now Means Health and Super Fast Cars Saudi Style


The Saudi International Motor Festival (Auroville) kicked off in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh today to great fanfare among automobile enthusiasts and fans of motorsports.

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Organized by the Saudi Conventions and Exhibitions General Authority (SCEGA), the greatest interactive automotive event is held at the Dirab Motor Park from today through Friday, January 14th.

Fans of everything automotive will get to enjoy great times at seven main zones: Live Action Arena, OEM Static Motorshow, Concours Car Display, Boogie Storm, Viral Music, Robots, Car Club Displays.

Over an area of 1.7 million square meters, audiences will share a good time with the who’s who of professional competition and stunt drivers with auto acrobatics, test drives, and motocross racing. With something for everyone and every age group, Arab and international star entertainers will bring concerts alive at Autoville.

The Saudi Ministry of Health will have a strong presence with a full team ready to give eligible visitors their third COVID-19 vaccine. The MoH team will also spread awareness as to the measures taken to fight the pandemic and ensure that audiences adhere to them.

Amjad Shaker, acting Chief Executive Officer of the SCEGA expressed his happiness to see the launch of the Autoville festival that unleashes the as-yet-untapped potential of the Kingdom’s exhibition, conference, and entertainment sectors. He said that the Authority pulled out all the stops to ensure a worthy, pioneering event.

He added that Autoville enriches the government’s efforts to bolster the national tourism and exhibition industries with massive-audience auto and motorcycle shows and awareness and promotional events that attract experts, auto motor and motor sport enthusiasts, and the general public, in collaboration with more than 100 global automotive brands.

He went on to say that events like Autoville add tremendous value to the national exhibition and conference industry, having attracted some major investors in event organization, automobiles, and automobile accessories. Not only that, he said, but these events also bring business to local hospitality establishments, not to mention the indirect business their bring to retail, food, and entertainment, all of which help make Riyadh one of the world’s best cities, a primary objective of Vision 2030’s.

Car lovers can take part in Autoville themselves. Chelsea DeNofa will be happy to show them the lines at the Drift School, while the RTR Team will teach them how to be professional behind the wheel. The Tokyo Drift test drive is sure to attract fans of the movie, while Suzuki will get them into its Swift with top professional stunt drivers who will show them how it’s all done in the movies.

Top automakers and professional drivers will be at Autoville, including professional Saudi driver and two-time Guinness World Record breaker Abdul Hadi Al-Qahtani, along with legendary drivers Ken Block; Vaughn Gethin Jr.; Remy Bizouard; among many others. Tickets are now available at 

Saudi International Motor Festival (Autoville) is one of many efforts to bolster the Saudi auto show industry and make an auto lover’s destination out of the Kingdom, boosting tourism with help from other government agencies.

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