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Carbon Ion Treatment Now More Available for China Cancer Patients

Carbon ion therapy is a highly advanced radiation therapy technique that can be effective for complex tumors which are difficult to treat with conventional methods. The market for carbon ion therapy is gaining momentum in China with several facilities either under construction, or in a planning phase.

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RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) announced a large order for the treatment planning system RayStation by Lanzhou Ion Therapy Co, Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of accelerator systems for carbon ion therapy.

Lanzhou Ion Therapy Co, LTD (LANITH), located in the city of Lanzhou, specializes in the development and installation of medical devices using carbon ions and other heavy ions. LANITH has now chosen RayStation to ensure maximum dose precision and workflow efficiency.

The order includes RayStation licenses for three new carbon ion therapy facilities in China. The full RayStation installation includes modules for both carbon ion pencil beam scanning and for conventional photon therapy planning.

The total order value amounts to MEUR 5.6 (approximately MSEK 56), including a five-year service contract, and the execution of the order is dependent on NMPA market clearance.

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