No jab, no food: New Brunswick grocery stores can now ban unvaccinated shoppers

No jab, no food: New Brunswick grocery stores can now ban unvaccinated shoppers
New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard
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New Brunswick has become the first Canadian province to allow grocers to ban unvaccinated food shoppers.

Under a new provision announced by New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard, grocery stores in the province are now allowed to turn away the shoppers who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

The provision gives grocery stores, malls and salons the option of either enforcing physical-distancing rules or requiring proof of vaccination to enter their establishments.

“With winter comes colder weather, shorter days, more time spent inside and increased opportunity for COVID-19 to spread,” Shephard said. “It is important we have a plan in place that ensures our healthcare system is not overwhelmed, but also considers the mental, physical and financial health of New Brunswickers.”

Shephard suggested that abiding by the new measures won’t be difficult. “They are small actions that each person can take, but when combined, can make a big difference,” she said.

Other new restrictions include limiting household gatherings to 20 people, capping outdoor gatherings at 50 people, and requiring unvaccinated people to avoid indoor gatherings – a lonely and potentially hungry Christmas for the unvaccinated. Masks are now also required in outdoor public places when physical distancing can’t be maintained.

New Brunswick residents must register to travel, and all unvaccinated people entering the province must be quarantined and take a test to prove they’re not infected after 10 days in isolation. Tougher restrictions, such as banning non-essential travel within the province, will kick in if new cases or hospitalizations rise to certain levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic in New Brunswick is an ongoing viral pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019, a novel infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The province of New Brunswick has the eighth-most cases of COVID-19 in Canada.

The new Action Plan, which has restrictions and rules meant to curb COVID-19 spread, is causing confusion and frustration among New Brunswickers.

Today the province registered 71 new cases and 3 deaths.

New Brunswick is the 11th largest province/territory in Canada by area with a total area of 28,150 square miles. Estimates taken in 2018 show that the population of New Brunswick is 761,214, making it the 8th most populous province in Canada. Over 65% of the population resides in New Brunswick’s 107 municipalities.

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  1. It’s now a Global Labratory for THE Military Global Scientific Political Security State. We are under a security grid owned and run by EVIL PEOPLE the likes we have not seen since Adolf Hitler ~

  2. This is inhumane people are being denied nesesaties of life someone is going to jail cause thats illegal

  3. I thought this was true at first too but I researched it & it’s false news started by a women on FB. Sobeys is not banning unvaccinated people from there stores in Canada New Brunswick, they will only be monitoring shoppers to make sure they are social distancing. Do your research!!

  4. This is disgusting!!!!! The plandemic is in full swing and these communists will stop at nothing to supress and the ppl into complacency to fulfill their narrative.
    Fight back ppl you will be next vaxxed or not. 3rd, 4th 5 th boosters are on there way

  5. if anyone will need someone to go shopping for them I will…nobody goes hungry on my watch…i dont want to disclose my vaccine status at ANY store but I will if someone needs groceries…

  6. Dorothy Shephard seems like she has seen one too many grocery stores and should be banned from them for the rest of her worthless life as she she’s others

  7. Any store that enforces this communist mandate should be boycotted and put out of business. Make these people pay with their livelihood.

  8. This falls short in my opinion, ALL provinces should follow suit, and even go further still ; to all those receiving CERB or any other monies from the government, Welfare etc. No vaccine, no moneys!

  9. For those who do believe it, you should, I know people in in New Brunswick & it is true. This is without a doubt communism in Canada. Food is essential and so is a job to earn the money to buy that food essential, this is barbaric what our government is doing, they will stop at nothing to get everyone vaccinated,now they are condoning starvation of families!!!
    This is not about a pandemic this is aboat a vaccination, now ask yourself why

  10. Not sure how it’s ok to starve families who maybe cannot get the vaccine due to religion or actual health conditions. The government cares about us but will let us also starve to death in the winter?

  11. This is completely true. It’s all over the internet and the news. Don’t believe it, go to New Brunswick. They (the govn’t) are not banning unvaxxed from grocery stores, they are leaving that decision up to the grocery stores. They are doing this because they know that it is going to cause friction which will lead to violence between the vaxxed and unvaxxed and businesses instead of with the government. It’s a brilliant plan of manipulation. But then again, that’s all this entire Plandemic has been. First you cause chaos then you divide the people leaving you (the govn’t) to appear as the savior. All of this has allowed easy manipulation of the people. Once all of this is well established and the people are scared and starving, it makes conquering them childs play. What sound does a sheep make?

    And you are asking to support you?
    Criminals, your support is on its way…

  13. Ridiculous… get the jab or starve? This is far over reaching their authority. For a jab that doesn’t work, or protect anyone from getting or passing it on….Omicron came to Canada from FULLY VACCINATED travelers. This ban should concern us all. MHO.

  14. I really hope this is not true in New Brunswick. If so, this is horrible and discrimination like this should not be allowed. This is a gene therapy.
    Not a real vaccine but of course our current government and big pharma will call it whatever it is to “sell” the product including starving Canadians.
    Communism in Canada!

  15. I see no sources on this information listed here. Could you please edit them in?

  16. This will not end well. If the pharma-gov is concerned about people’s physical and mental well being, why starve people? Isn’t this the opposite?
    Government mandated division, discrimination, charter violations (mobility) and now starvation?

    This IS NOT a vaccine and someone needs to challenge them on that. Genetic therapy cannot be mandated. Period.

    Burn it down will be the end result, “If I don’t eat, they don’t eat!” is the end game.

  17. The scariest thing so far since Covid began: a friend told me about this and I believed it.
    Then I googled it and found this article. Note the reporter’s credentials. Do they sound real? Also note that after an hour of searching, I cannot find *any* other news article that corroborated this.
    I thought restrictions on getting groceries was the scariest thing to happen since Covid. I was wrong. The scariest thing is that when a friend told me about this restriction, I temporarily believed it. It is not true.

  18. This is utterly disgusting. Can anyone say Nazi mentality? F*** this s***. You will not take our rights away! Vaxxed or not. Y’all we need to come together and stop this horrible and evil way they want our world to be.
    Belle (your fellow Canadian from Ontario

  19. Dorothy Shepard & her Nazi minions need to resign. In case, she is not aware, food is a basic necessity of life. To deny access, is to result in death. Charge the Govt with 2nd degree murder if it so happens. What a bunch of clowns to actually think like this. I guess masks are not as preventive as everyone says they are, but we all keep wearing them.

    ie the vaccine also isn’t the end all to be all.

  20. How can this woman have a position of power? How is this any different from not allowing Jews into establishments before WW2? So evil…..

  21. It saddens me that there are Canadians and Canadian companies that would sink to such discriminatory levels for a virus that no one has been able to isolate. Wake up people. The government is manipulating good people to do bad things. This “pandemic” is not supported by true scientists, virologists and epidemiologists, but by those paid off to keep this narrative going. Our rights and freedoms are being taken away. Shame on those who participate in this terrible sham. If Sobeys wants to do this to their customers, let’s all stop shopping at their stores! They are not for the people, and have likely been bought/ paid off as well!

  22. For the record…Sobey’s stores in Nova Scotia are already installing electronic gates on their entrances….so this has been planned for some time.

  23. The politicians were suppose to represent ALL of the people when they were voted in by the people, not push the agenda of big pharmaceutical companies and Trudeaus great reset which in time you will see is against all of the people except the billionaires who masterminded this with Swabbs Great Reset.

  24. Look at the Obese Miss Piggy deciding that she ‘cares’ about our health. How? By imposing a deadly jab on us in order to get food to survive? If we don’t eat, we die, you, Bitch! Hang that commie disgusting pig!

  25. “Lonely and hungry at Christmas”, that is the most inhumane statement I have ever read, you disgust me. And glorifying this clearly states you are part of the problem. Better shut it all down because WE CAN ALL SPREAD IT. As someone who is fully vaccinated, I will not stand for this type of control, this country is no longer the land of the free. I am embarrassed to be Canadian at this moment.

  26. better ban vaccinated people as well, as they are catching and spreading covid at a rapid rate

  27. Should be ashamed to say a lonely and hungry Christmas for the unvaccinated. Disgusting. This is not a free Country any longer.

  28. 2 weeks to flatten the curve has become 2 years of vaccine commercials.. stop trying to eradicate the control group .. if we all get vaccinated, you won’t have data to compare vaxxed vs unvaxxed long term health outcomes.. can’t you see how absurdly this is over something that is always evolving, low mortality among the healthy and young.. vaccines are not perfect and comes with risks of myocarditis, stroke, aneurysms, sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) and many people have allergies and legitimate reasons to not take it. The Jews were also dehumanized and given restrictions. Be a good human and stand up to injustice. Don’t let history repeat itself.

  29. Remember those who are showing your card and photo id. That creepy guy who keeps eyeing up your kids now has your address. The person checking at the movie theatre same thing plus they know where you will be for the next couple of hours…. As for those of you who are willing to follow along with this, when you are held accountable (and you will be) there will be no excuse accepted for the way you treated a fellow human being. Be prepared also, when you are on this list rest assured you will be at some point. What goes around comes around and every dog gets their day. God is watching all of you and the horrible things your are doing!!!!

  30. That is some satanic shit. How can you deny healthy people from getting food. Right unvax is healthier than vaccinated. Most vaccinated people are always sick, I know from experience. Most are getting amacion whatever that new variant is. An entire party in Europe of 60 vaccinated people because only those was invited and had to be negative of Covid. All ended up with the new variant. What is wrong with the people that be in position. Who made you God. That wrong in every way.

  31. Absolutely disgusting. Unvaccinated does not mean infected. Look at the numbers. Taking away essential services should be criminal and this lady locked up!

  32. Holocaust 2.0

  33. This is trampling on our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms! These are taxpayers who have a right to their medical choices for whatever reasons!
    Hoping this get settled in a Court of Law! I won’t be visiting N.B. regardless of my vaccine status.

  34. This is trampling on our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms! These are taxpayers who have a right to their medical choices for whatever reasons!
    Hoping this get settled in a Court of Law! I won’t be visiting N.B. regardless of my vaccine status.

  35. Well I guess that’s one province I won’t ever bother visiting. I can’t believe a government can treat their citizens like that and I sure won’t be a part of it vaccinated or unvaccinated.