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New Skal Twinning Event of Rome, Budapest, and Madrid Today

With the patronage of the Department of Major Events, Sport, Tourism of the Municipality of Rome and with the greeting of the new councilor, Alessandro Onorato, the twinning ceremony between Skal Roma and Skal Budapest will take place today, Saturday, December 4, 2021, at the Domitian Stadium (Piazza Navona) – Skal Madrid in the presence of Mrs. Andrea Bocsi, the Secretary of Skal Budapest, representing the President, Peter Javorkai along with Mr. Juan Francisco Rivero, President of Skal Madrid, and Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma.

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The ceremony took place at 11:00 am with the signing of the Skal twinning agreement between the three European capitals with the delivery of the certificates to the three club presidents.

The Board of Directors of Skal Roma along with members, the Board of Directors of Skal Italia, the Presidents of the Italian Skal Clubs, and the business associations of the capital and of the Italian and foreign press also participated.

David Fontanella, President of Skal Switzerland; Nicolle Martin, President of Skal Côte d’Azur; Marie Ranisova, Treasurer of Skal Praga; Armando Ballarin, President of Skal Italia; and Franz Heffeter, President SKAL Europe were present with a video greeting.

The initiative aims to implement the reciprocal tourism promotion of Rome, Budapest, and Madrid through the creation of common projects, and aims to establish between the clubs of the three capitals, a think tank of tourism leaders in order to exchange experiences and collaborate in the context of a broader cultural vision.

The twinning appointment between Rome, Budapest, and Madrid aims to confirm the role of Skal Roma as Ambassador of the Rome area and its tourist attractions by focusing on incoming tourists. The aim is above all to collaborate with the Skalleghi of the two capitals and all the other clubs in Spain and Hungary, and also towards the approximately 13,000 members of Skal International, distributed in over 350 clubs in 101 countries.

This is a great opportunity for visibility, image, and positioning that only Skal can ensure in Rome through its members.

As part of the activities of Skal International, twinning is one of the initiatives envisaged in order to intensify relations between individual clubs with the goal of developing common projects and to deepen the knowledge of their city to all members of the Skal Clubs present.

This is why Rome already has 8 twin cities to its credit and specifically the clubs of Skal Girona/Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Istanbul, Mexico City, and New Jersey and today with the double twinning of today Skal international Rome bringing the twinned cities to 10 following a path of increasingly intense relationships with the European capitals belonging to Skal Europe, baptized in Rome in 2019 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Skal Roma. This is a strategy to further aggregate the values of Skal in Europe and to make the Eternal City the hub of Europe: All roads start and lead to Rome

Twinning allows opening even more a channel of friendship and business, cornerstones on which the associative spirit of Skal International is based in compliance with the motto “Doing Business among Friends.”

To enhance cultural tourism, after the ceremony, the program included a visit to the Ara Pacis and on Sunday the Blessing of the Holy Father Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square.

Rome Skal Day ended with the first convivial of 2021, during which the Quality Skal Awards 2021 were awarded. The event will take place at the hotel Quirinale, via Nazionale 7, at 8:30 pm on December 4 to meet 2 years of members, friends, and guests.







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