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Your Quick Guide to Planning a Getaway in Georgia During the Pandemic

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What do you miss the most about the pre-pandemic world? Ask this question to any travel enthusiast and they’ll go on a rant about how much they miss exploring new cities, cuisines, and cultures. While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted various aspects of our lives, its effect on travel plans is too monumental to ignore.

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Georgia, with its vibrant architecture, surreal landscapes, and diverse history, offers a treasure trove of escapades for people who are fed up with staying at home. The southeastern state features an eclectic mix of picturesque hamlets, idyllic towns, and urban cities. It’s got something in store for every traveler.

But if you’re planning a trip to Georgia during the pandemic, you’re going to face a plethora of questions and dilemmas.

Is it safe to travel to Georgia right now? Can I visit Georgia even if I’m not fully vaccinated? Do I need to wear masks in public places? Do I need to carry a negative RT-PCR test report to enter the state?

It’s just a glimpse of questions that’ll flood your mind the moment you think about traveling to Georgia. In this blog, we’ve curated all the information you need to enjoy a safe and fun-filled vacation in Georgia. Let’s take a look.

What’s the Current COVID-19 Situation in Georgia?

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Georgia has been on the rise since July 5, 2021, when the state saw the lowest average of the year. The state has reported an average of 7,400 new cases every day over the past week. That’s a 25x jump compared to the numbers from seven weeks ago.

Nearly 5,000 COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment at various Georgia hospitals. Healthcare facilities in the state have been operating at 90% of their ICU capacity.

Does that mean you should avoid traveling to Georgia altogether?

Well, there’s no easy way to answer this question. It’s a good idea to avoid any form of non-essential travel during the pandemic. But there are ways to ensure your safety and wellbeing, even if you choose to travel to Georgia right now.

What About Travel Restrictions in Georgia?

As of this writing, Georgia is open to travelers from within the U.S. The state is also welcoming international tourists, barring a few countries, such as India, Iran, South Africa, and China. Also, there aren’t any mandatory requirements for travelers to undergo quarantine after their arrival in Georgia.

International travelers still have to provide a negative RT-PCR report (not older than 72 hours) upon their arrival. There’s no such regulation for domestic travelers.

Most tourist attractions, restaurants, pubs, and other non-essential business establishments are open. But they’re operating at reduced capacity, and might have deployed additional COVID-19 safety measures. Similarly, public transportation is operating at limited capacity in most cities.

How to Plan Your Trip to Georgia?

To begin with, you must remember that pandemic-related travel restrictions are constantly evolving. Make sure you check the latest guidelines from a credible source, such as the CDC’s website. Also, watch the local news to keep an eye on the status of COVID-19 infections.

Here are a few additional tips to help you make the most of your trip to Georgia:

Visit Lesser-Known Destinations

You don’t need someone to tell you that the best way to keep the novel coronavirus at bay is to stay away from crowded places. Most tourists visiting Georgia will head to popular cities, such as Athens and Atlanta.

But Georgia has so much more to offer. If you’re looking for calm and secluded tourist spots in Georgia, consider visiting offbeat towns, such as Snellville and Dahlonega. These places give you a glimpse of the quintessential charm of Georgia while letting you enjoy your holiday at a comfortable pace.

You could also plan a trip to the quaint town of Savannah or the picture-perfect Golden Isles. Don’t forget to check the local travel restrictions before designing your itinerary.

Check the Weather

Georgia enjoys a subtropical climate with long, warm summers and cold winters. The state is prone to frequent showers and thunderstorms. Also, the weather tends to vary depending on the terrain.

That’s why it is always a good idea to check the weather in Snellville, Dahlonega, Savannah, and other destinations you wish to visit in Georgia. It’ll ensure that you enjoy a fun-filled and stress-free vacation despite the pandemic.

Be Mindful About Your Safety

While many establishments in Georgia may no longer have mandatory masking policies, make sure you wear a mask whenever you visit a tourist attraction. Don’t forget to follow hand hygiene and social distancing protocols. If you’re going out to eat, make sure you ask the restaurant about the safety measures they’re currently using.

Whether you’re looking for a week-long escapade or a quick weekend getaway, Georgia has something to offer for everyone. Research the latest travel restrictions before planning your trip. Check the weather forecast in advance to avoid any unnecessary hassles during your trip. Also, choose lesser-known destinations to avoid selfie-obsessed tourists, and enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday.

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