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Eliminating COVID-19 Virus with New Air Ionizers

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As of May 2021, the World Health Organization has officially recognized aerosolized particles as a mode of transmission for COVID-19. The higher infectivity of the delta variant also meant that indoor settings with poor air circulation pose an extremely high risk in contracting COVID-19 because airborne viral particles can linger in the air for a long time.

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Previously from an aerosol removal efficacy study published in the OSF research article (OSF Research Article 2021) in early 2021, Zero2.5’s plant and natural fiber-based ionizer was shown to drastically remove 95% of the airborne aerosol from 25 minutes (with no ionizer) to within 7 minutes in a 20 m3 room saturated with 4,000 aerosol particle per cm3. This is equivalent to having an ACH (“air change per hour”) as high as 12 and CADR (“clean air delivery rate”) of 141 ft3 per minute.

However, as countries started to see a resurgence of COVID-19 case numbers from the delta variant, Zero2.5 has also hastened efforts to secure independent validation of the protective effect that our natural fiber air ionizers confer specifically against COVID-19.

As of November 2021, the team at Zero2.5 is excited to share that the independent test results for viral protection are finally out after a long and rigorous validation process by Texcell. Texcell is a global contract research organization established in 1987 that specializes in virus testing, viral clearance, and biosafety.

Texcell carried out a viral clearance study, commonly used in the industry to determine the effectiveness of a process in inactivating virus by comparing the total amount of virus initially against the amount of virus left after the anti-viral process.

The test involved Zero2.5’s Natural Fiber Coco Coir Air Ionizer CF4000 and it showed that 99.998% of the Sars-Cov-2 virus was inactivated within 3 hours in a 57-litre box – representing a log reduction of 4.77. For example, a log reduction of 1 is equivalent to 10-fold reduction, while log reduction of 2 is equal to a 100-fold reduction. A log reduction of 4 and greater is considered highly effective by industry standards in reducing the amount of virus. Control tests showed that in the absence of a Zero2.5’s air ionizer, 99.999% of the virus remained viable after 3 hours.

As part of Singapore’s reopening plan towards the new normal, our natural fiber-based air ionizers – now with independent scientific validation in inactivating COVID-19 virus – could play a key protective role in areas with high human traffic.

Deploying conventional air purifiers is insufficient because infection usually takes place with direct contact in real-time. There is a window of vulnerability between the time the viral aerosols are generated by the infectious person and the time where the air is filtered through commercial air purifiers. The risk of these last mile transmissions spikes exponentially in crowded areas.

Zero2.5’s Natural Fiber Air Ionizer mitigates this risk by reducing the virus concentration in real-time near the source. The high concentration of Negative Air Ions (NAIs) generated by our natural fiber-based ionizers near to virus source provides a 360-degree protective sphere, like an air filtering bubble that reduces the virus load to protect the users within. Furthermore, as verified by Texcell, the ability of a Zero2.5 Ioniser to inactivate virus activity helps to mitigate or reduce any potential risk of infection.

Managing the last-mile transmission risk in high traffic areas would be key, as economies learn to live with COVID-19. The real-time safeguard against live virus conferred by Zero2.5 natural fiber-based ionizers can be deployed in these high-risk areas to significantly reduce the window period of infection possibility by inactivating the virus near the source.

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