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Guadalupe Curfew Effective Immediately Due to Civil Unrest

Doctors and Firefighters Threaten to Strike in Protest Against Being Vaccinated

Guadaloupe Goes Under Curfew
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

The French overseas territory of Guadaloupe has been put under curfew today after 5 days of civil unrest and violence. The basis of the unrest is due to government imposed COVID-19 protocols.

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Who supports this fight against the protocols? Trade unions representing doctors and firefighters will walk out on strike on Monday in protest of the mandatory COVID-vaccination of health workers and health pass requirements.

France will be sending over 200 police to the island after the demonstrations turned violent with barricades being turned over and fires being set, including cars, which could lead to explosive dangerous consequences.

The curfew set by the government and as outlined by Alexandre Rochatte, Guadaloupe’s prefect, and as announced by his office on Twitter, the curfew closes everything down from 6 pm to 5 am. Included in the order is forbidding the sale of petrol in jerry cans.

Said Twitter user @DylanJolan: “People have anger and that anger needs to come out. It is against the vaccine obligation but it could have been against anything else. Once the anger is expressed, people will go for the vaccine because there is no other way out.”

Apparently, the unrest is not only due to COVID-19 protocols, as citizens are protesting also against poor living conditions.

“Extremely tense situation in #Guadeloupe. The armored vehicles of the gendarmerie are deployed to evacuate roadblocks, during this fifth day of indefinite general strike against the sanitary pass but more generally against the poor living conditions, said @AnonymeCitoyen on Twitter.

The poor conditions was supported by other on social media. @lateeyanacadam said in a Twitter post: “It’s not just the sanitary pass, access to running water, my retired mother had to pay for a running water cistern 2000 € while she pays water bills every month! The chlordecone scandal! Excessively high prices in a low-income population!”

“All my support for the citizens of Guadeloupe, who have the courage to fight this govt which is leading towards a dictatorship and enslavement, let us hope that their revolt awakens the citizens of Metropolitan France,” @meline2804 posted on Twitter.

In a joint statement made by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Overseas Minister Sebastien Lecornu today, both officials agreed and stated that they “strongly condemned the violence that has taken place in the last few hours in Guadeloupe.”

France is sending over 200 police to its overseas territory of Guadeloupe to aide in the crisis.

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