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Papa John’s Pizza Founder Not Happy About Rebranding

In response to the announcement from Papa John’s International, Inc. that they are modifying the company’s brand and store layout, founder and former Chairman and CEO Papa John Schnatter issued the following statement.

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“Today, Papa John’s announced several changes to the brand and store layout. While brands evolve over time to meet market demand, it’s gratifying to see that most of the concepts we developed over 34 years – including high-quality ingredients, customer service, logo colors, slogans, and more – are still supporting the company’s success. I am especially hopeful for the continued success of the franchisees, most of whom I know very well.

The possessive apostrophe is now gone from what used to be “Papa John’s.” (formally Papa John’s International Inc. (Nasdaq PZZA)).

That could be a design choice but it’s also another step for the company is separating itself from its founder, John Schnatter — who’s gone through a messy split with the company.

“My criticism of company management over the past three years has rested largely on their refusal to admit they were wrong about the false media narrative about me and my legacy, and their failure to maintain a commitment to the principles on which we built the company brand, including consistent product quality with every single pizza made.

“Considering the enduring association of Papa John with the brand, the company’s change to the brand logo today is misplaced. Instead of being obsessed with Papa John and irrelevant changes to the brand logo, the company should become obsessed once again with making quality Papa John’s pizza consistently. Try as they may, they can’t have Papa John’s without Papa John.”

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