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Favorite Travel Destination for Americans This Summer Now Revealed

Germany welcomes American travelers back this Sunday June 20
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

After two consecutive years marked by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism, a provider of cellular connectivity, Ubigi, unveiled global travel trends during the summer.

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  1. In particular, it reports the favorite tourist destinations of Americans based on their data consumption over the summer.
  2. This international study is based on an analysis of the consumption of eSIM mobile data plans by a sample of 10,000 users.
  3. It is framed around the period between July and August 2021 according to the users’ country of residence.

First of all, at the international level, there was a very significant upturn in data consumption during the summer, as travel restrictions were lifted in many countries. The volume of sales of data plans doubled in July and August 2021 compared to May and June 2021, and it tripled (+ 246%) compared to the same period in 2020.

At the country level, Americans have been the champions of the eSIM adoption, placing themselves as the first users of data plans both abroad and at home. Why and where did they go?


Americans were champions of roaming data usage

•             73% of the data consumed by Americans was used abroad.

Europe was the top tourist destination for Americans this summer

•             55% of the data consumed by Americans subscribing to a data plan was carried out in Europe, revealing their appetite for this geographical area.

•             Among the European countries visited, the United States particularly favored France, with 21% of their total data consumption in this country this summer.

•             American tourists also went to other European destinations such as Spain (6%), Greece (6%), Great Britain (6%), and Italy (5%).

Important nationwide use of the eSIM as well

•             While Americans mostly used their eSIM abroad, they used data plans too to travel within the United States for 27% of their total data consumption on the period.

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