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African Tourism Board Chairman in Senegal on an Important Mission

ATB Chair in Senegal
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman of the African Tourism Board (ATB), is continuing his mission of traveling to every corner of tourism in Africa to bring the continent together.

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  1. Bilateral meetings were held with the African Tourism Board team on reshaping Senegal within the continental footprint.
  2. On the agenda were collaboration initiatives and the desire to cement relationships between the two organizations to promote tourism.
  3. The meetings were led by the Honorable Ambassador Mr. Deme and Executive Chair, Cuthbert Ncube.

Yesterday the African Tourism Board President met with the President of Compact Yaatal, an organization that represents tourism stakeholders in Senegal with a membership of 934 value chains at their head office in the city of Soly which serves as a leading tourism hub in the country.

The President of the Association, Mr. Boly Geuye, held bilateral meetings with the ATB team which was led by the Honorable Ambassador Mr. Deme and the Executive Chair, Cuthbert Ncube, on collaboration initiatives and cementing relationships between the two organizations in promoting tourism and reshaping Senegal within the continental footprint.

Senegal has done so much in curbing the spread of the pandemic with the country achieving almost a 0% infection rate that has attracted a wide number of tourist traffic mostly from Paris, Spain, Germany, the UK, and parts of Asia. Mr. Boly emphasized the need for closer collaboration with ATB in order to have a well-coordinated continental reshaping, as Senegal is strategically positioned to play a front roll in arts, culture, and sports tourism over and above the sceneries along their coastal shows that leaves the traveler in love with this beautiful haven which is a highly-sought-after destination by International travelers.

A big night for tourism will be hosted in the form of a conference on December 10, 2021, that will bring tourism ministers and stakeholders from across the Western African region, which will be graced by tourism ministers and supported by the ATB. Greater and wider synergies across the tourism stakeholders will position Africa to be well respected within the global community, and tourism will drive the achievement towards this cause.

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