Did You Know There is an Aussie Outpost in Munich?

Ferris Wheel and Adina Munich Hotel - Photo © Elisabeth Lang
  1. While in London’s east end, Shoreditch and once the setting for Jack the Ripper’s infamous murders, has turned into London’s capital of cool.
  2. Today, this is a hip, urban area with trendy restaurants and tons of street art, bars, pubs, and cafes lining the street.
  3. And now there is the new East Side of Munich to discover and to move away from the old town hall and old city of Munich.

The East Munich development started during the late nineties on the former compound of Germany’s huge potato processing plant (Pfanni) just situated behind Munich Ostbahnhof. Pfanni was producing Germany’s potato chips, potato puree, etc., and masses of potato dumplings, exporting them all over Europe. The plant shut down in 1996 and moved outside of Munich. The entire area was turned into the Kunstpark Ost (Art Parc East), and the sprawling factory surroundings became the ultimate party zone at night.

With a groundbreaking transformation and huge developments, the Munich Eastside (so called Werksviertel) is the place to be now (to see) and a good choice for foodies and craft beer aficionados, with pubs, cafes and a brilliantly diverse range of restaurants and new hotels.

One of the main attractions is the Ferris wheel, which takes 35 minutes to ride and has 27 comfortable cabins. On a good day, you can see the Alps or enjoy a gorgeous sunset, with a grandioso view of Munch stretching out underneath (80 meters) while watching the trains that have a direct line to Munich Airport (35 minutes).

Munich Town Hall – Photo © Elisabeth Lang

However, if you are looking for any signpost at Ostbahnhof, Munich East Train Station, and directions to   the Ferris wheel, you are looking in vain. There is none! It remains a mystery why the city of Munich prefers to keep one of Munich’s greatest attractions as the city’s best kept secret.

But it is here where Munich’s latest and a new groundbreaking new skyline was added with the opening of Munich’s tallest hotel just a month ago, built on a former potato silo. It is Munich’s first Aussie hotel and a real eyeopener.

The brand-new Adina Hotel Munich is situated on the 9th to 25th floor and offers a spectacular view over Munich. On the way up to the reception, the elevator provides a view of the replicated Sydney Opera house. You can feel the Australian touch. The view is magic, and it is fascinating to watch the little red trains continuously leaving the Ostbahnhof Station and to see the Frauenkirche, BMW towers, and the television tower in the background.

Sheep on the roof – Photo © Elisabeth Lang

From the restaurant, guests can take a glimpse down to the eclectic neighborhood next door and look onto the newly erected building below (7 stories) where one can see a proper urban ALM (agricultural land management) on the rooftop. No fancy swimming pool, but real sheep grazing happily on the green grass on the rooftop, while busy hens run around and can return safely to their chicken coop.

This is indeed a delightfully eclectic neighborhood worth exploring.

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