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eTurboNews Correspondent to Speak at Important International Eco Tourism Conference

Srilal Miththapala
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Srilal Miththapala, an eTurboNews correspondent from Sri Lanka who has been in the forefront of advocating sustainable tourism development and eco-tourism in Sri Lanka has been invited to give one of the keynote speeches at the prestigious International Conference on Eco Tourism in Taiwan, scheduled for November 19 and 20, 2021.

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  1. The International Eco Tourism Conference is being held virtually online under the organization of the Taiwan Ecotourism Association.
  2. Srilal will be presenting the keynote address on day one of this important two-day event.
  3. The theme of the first session is “Response to the Developing Trend of Ecotourism under COVID-19.”

The conference, which will be held virtually/online, is being organized by the Taiwan Ecotourism Association (TEA). There will be three sessions spread over the two days, and many distinguished speakers will be presenting.

In session 1 under the theme “Response to the Developing Trend of Ecotourism under COVID-19,” Srilal will be delivering the keynote entitled “Protecting Biodiversity – Post COVID Tourism?”

Srilal was CEO of Serendib Leisure for over 10 years, and then spearheaded the Ceylon Chamber/EU project, SWITCH ASIA Greening Sri Lanka hotels successfully for four years. He is now retired and engages in consultancy work with the ADB, GiZ, and MDF (an Australian multi-country initiative). He serves on the boards of Laugfs Leisure and the Asian Eco Tourism Network.

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Linda S. Hohnholz

Linda Hohnholz has been the editor in chief for eTurboNews for many years.
She loves to write and pays attention to details.
She is also in charge of all premium content and press releases.

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