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New Seven Knights 2 Launches Worldwide with Free-to-Play Game

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Fans of Netmarble’s original and long-running mobile roleplaying game Seven Knights can now embark on a new, deep, and immersive cinematic chapter of the franchise as Seven Knights 2 officially makes its worldwide debut. The game is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. Users can watch an all-new video for the launch on theOfficial Seven Knights 2 YouTube Channel.

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Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the original Seven Knights game. This new story centers on the Daybreak Mercenaries led by Lene, the daughter of Eileene, who is a member of the Seven Knights in the original game. The Daybreak Mercenaries embark on a journey to find Rudy, the last member of the Seven Knights, after a series of events involving a mysterious girl named Phiné. Fans around the world can now begin collecting and developing charismatic heroes while engaging in a deep and immersive cinematic story.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Netmarble is planning a “New Mercenary Commander Special Daily Login” event, allowing users to unlock various rewards, including a Legendary Grade ‘Saint of Light Karin’ upon the 7th daily log-in to the game.

Key features players can look forward to at launch include:

•             Collectible Charismatic Heroes: There are a total of 46 characters available to collect at launch, including familiar characters from the original Seven Knights that are joined by new Seven Knights 2 characters

•             Challenging Boss Fights:

o             Players can look forward to strategizing with different decks using various hero compositions, formations and pets

o             In addition, players will engage in battles using skills with amazing visuals, while partaking in real-time group battles controlling up to four heroes at once.

•             Deep, Immersive Cinematic Story: Seven Knights 2 features a deep and immersive story with two hours of high-quality cinematic cutscenes for role-playing fans to enjoy

Seven Knights 2 is a cinematic mobile RPG that allows players to collect and develop charismatic heroes of all shapes and sizes while engaging in a deep and immersive cinematic story thanks to real-time controls and in-game loadouts with heroic stat combinations, formations, and pets. Starring an array of characters depicted with stunning high-quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, Seven Knights 2 will immerse players in a true sequel featuring the fun and innovative gameplay of Seven Knights enjoyed by players around the world.

To date, Seven Knights has seen 60 million downloads worldwide. Seven Knights 2 has also been successful in Korea, having ranked #1 in the App Store and #2 on Google Play in terms of revenue earned following its November 2020 launch. Following the global launch, Seven Knights 2 will be available to play in twelve languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, and Indonesian.

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