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New Sensual Vegan Chocolate

Written by editor

Like precious jewels in a jewelry box, Nhiär’s fine ganache pralines shimmer in their stylish boxes. Made with great care and lovingly handcrafted, the chocolate candies are based on high-quality ingredients.

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Organically grown cocoa from the lush green slopes of the Andes in Peru, sweetened with a sweetener from the monk fruit. Plant-based milk from coconut or oats combined with the rich cocoa beans for an incredibly soft, silky texture. No animal milk, no refined sugar, no salt interferes with the vegan, conscious enjoyment. Individually designed and partially decorated with intoxicating colors of natural origin.

Sarah Anyieth had inherited an ancient family recipe with the sensual magic of almost forgotten traditions and rituals inherent in it. The recipe did not change until Sarah took a brave step forward reinterpreted the chocolate recipe held dear by generations.

“It is hard to find chocolate without emulsifiers, stabilizers, dairy products, and refined sugar. With Nhiär, we now offer delicious chocolate in a vegan, plant-based form. We deliver a chocolaty treat for health-conscious people who want to reward themselves every now and then,” she says. Sarah prides herself on using organic, high-quality, natural, and ethically sourced ingredients. The products come from sustainably farmed Fair-Trade certified organic producers. 

This pure sensuality in chocolate form also inspires connoisseurs beyond the vegan community. Even hard-core chocolate traditionalists praise the sweet art and rave about Nhiär’s chocolate on social media. 

Nhiär’s product range is deliberately kept narrow. Sarah ships her freshly handmade products to vegan connoisseurs in the US, small boxes of four chocolate bonbons or large boxes of 24 bonbons – the perfect gift for romantic hours for two or an invitation to a stylish dinner evening.

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