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Uganda Hosts 4th African Birding Expo – Big Tourism Niche

African Birding Expo

Bird watching is of one the fastest growing tourism niche businesses across the globe, emerging as a sub-sector of the nature-based tourism industry where tourist travel motivations are focused on visiting places to see birds.

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  1. Bird watchers are by far some of the biggest spenders in the travel and tourism sector.
  2. On average, they spend of over $7,000 over the course of 21 days, making bird watching a very profitable venture.
  3. Bird watching has become a phenomenal activity in Uganda’s national parks, bringing in much needed tourism revenue dollars.

The African Birding Expo is slated to take place from December 10-12, 2021, in Entebbe, Uganda.

According to Herbert Byaruhanga, the Managing Director of Bird Uganda Safaris Ltd.: “Bird watchers are some of the biggest spenders in the travel and tourism sector with an average spending of over $7,000 for 21 days, making bird watching a very profitable venture with a great potential to diversify Uganda’s tourism that narrowly depends on gorilla tracking. Uganda has over 1,083 bird species, some including rare national, regional, Albertine habitat endemics that international bird watchers wish to add to their life bird checklists.”

Stephen Masaba, Director of Business Development at The Uganda Wildlife Authority, commended the effort of training more bird guides since bird watching has become a phenomenal activity in Uganda’s national parks, attracting more revenue.

This fourth African Birding Expo has become a meeting point for a spectrum of the birdwatching community within and outside Africa. There is an increasing demand of professionals in birding and the tourism industry to participate in the familiarization tour that takes place before the expo. The participants of the African Birding Expo tours have always come from various countries including Panama, Taiwan, Australia, USA, UK, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Vendors include tour companies, hotels, lodges, campsites, guides, booksellers, crafts, restaurants, and designers.

The African Birding Expo is planned to build a strong, recognizable destination brand that attracts domestic and international visitors and supports conservation and growth of bird watching in Uganda. This edition will attract hundreds of bird watchers, travel writers, tour operators, safari lodge owners, and other players in the tourism sector across the world focusing on Africa as a premium destination for bird watching. The expo activities will include pre and post expo birding tours, exhibitions, business forums, birding clinics, bird walks, photography clinics, advanced birding trainings, and a bird magazine launch, to name some.

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