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Free Sex and the City Tours

Free Sex and the City Tours
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Wait. Was that supposed to read Free Sex IN the City Tours? Wouldn’t that be grammatically correct? Indeed it would, but it would be just plain wrong for the tours we are about to explore. We want to visit Sex AND the City places.

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  1. Who doesn’t remember Carrie’s apartment with its fanciful closet?
  2. Or the Manolo Blahniks shoe store that caught her eyes more than once as she was walking and talking. Remember that famous line, “Hello, lover” when she wasn’t talking about a man?
  3. And then there’s the Meatpacking District where Samantha gets into a tiff with 3 transvestites.

For die hard fans of the TV show “Sex and the City,” there are so many memories all around New York City where the story takes place with the main characters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. From their favorite place to meet for food and fellowship, to Charlotte’s favorite running path at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, to Steve’s bar that he named after his dog, to the oh-so-many places they met for drinks, NYC is a Sex and the City hotbed, no pun intended.

Sure, you can pay for Sex and the City tours – by bus for instance, but why not explore on your own time with your own besties in free self-guided tours?

Here are some of the famous spots seen on the TV show that you may want to stop into for a bite, a drink, or a look-see.

Manolo Blahnik at31 W 54th Street

Carrie passes Manolo Blahnik shoe store on more than one occasion throughout the TV show series. One scene in particular is when she realizes that she has spent $40,000 on shoes alone – money she needed now to buy her apartment.

Loeb Boathouse

Remember when Carrie and Mr. Big fell into the water at this Central Park restaurant? They had been broken up but decided to meet for lunch to catch up. After Miranda had warned her that she had better not kiss him, when Mr. Big leaned in for just that, Carrie pulled back landing in the water and bringing him along with her.

Da Marino restaurant at220 W 49th Street

Speaking of Carrie and Big and restaurants, how about the Da Marino when they get back together again and while having dinner at a quaint and cozy Italian Restaurant, where Carrie learns he is a regular as the owner comes by to greet them. She then gets serenaded by Big as he sings “When I was Seventeen,” and Carrie nearly spits out her wine.

St. Mark’s Comics at11th Street

Okay let’s step away from Carrie and Big for a moment and go back to St. Mark’s Comics store. This is where she met Wade – a young man without a care in the world (who still lives with his parents) much to Carrie’s surprise after his mother walks in when they were both high on marijuana and he blames the weed on Carrie. She goes along with it and takes the weed with her leading to another funny scene at Carrie’s apartment when she shares it with Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, and when after being arrested for smoking it in public, Carrie goofily declares the day as the one when she got arrested for smoking a doobie.

Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker Street

This may not be such a memorable scene of Carrie and Miranda sharing cupcakes as they commiserate over relationships, but this bakery became world famous because of that shared snack. And I mean who doesn’t need a reason to stop into a bakery for a treat?

The Pleasure Chest at 156th and 7th Avenue S

Which leads us to the treat that got hold of Charlotte so much that an intervention had to be staged in an episode when her Rabbit vibrator, which she had purchased at this sexy little store, was confiscated so she would return to normal everyday life and find reasons to leave her apartment once again.

Jefferson Market Garden between 6th Avenue and W 10th Street

Moving along to more sublime things, how about this lovely community garden where Miranda and Steve decide to get married? She was determined to find a place that was “non-icky,” and did so when her grocery bag broke right in front of the garden gates. A sign for sure we’d say that this was the place.

Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker (Photo by Bill Davila/FilmMagic)

The Plaza Hotel at 5th Avenue and 59th Street

Really, any trip to NYC ought to include at least a walk-through of the lobby at The Plaza Hotel, shouldn’t it? And yes, there was a scene here, too, when Carrie spoke with Big after his engagement party to Natasha – whom she called the stick figure with no soul. In this scene she re-enacts a snippet of the movie “The Way We Were,” when she brushes Big’s hair with her fingers and says, “Your girl is lovely, Hubble.”

And there are so many other places to explore – The Russian Samovar on 256 W 52nd Avenue where Carrie goes on her first date with “the Russian,” played by Mikhail Barishnykov, and the Columbus Circle Fountain at 59th Street and 8th Avenue where Carrie breaks Aidan’s heart for a second time and for good.

Then there’s the New York City Public Library Main Branch at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street where Carrie and Big are supposed to get married (key words being supposed to). And the building where Carrie and Big find their dream NYC apartment where they are supposed to (there are those words again) live after the wedding at 1010 Fifth Avenue. Oh no, wait. That’s one of the movies after the TV show. But that’s another bucket list of destinations to visit.

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