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Hawaii 6.1 Earthquake felt on all Islands

It doesn’t happen often that an eqarthquake in the State of Hawaii is felt on all islands.
This afternoon a big one hit south of the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  • A 6.1 earthquake was measured south of the Big Island of Hawaii this afternoon
  • The earthquake epic center was 17 miles south of the Big Island of Hawaii, but felt throughout the State
  • All airports and harbors in the State of Hawaii are operational

The Big Island, especially after the outbreak of the volcano has been known for constant smaller earthquakes.

Today however 6.1 is a strength hardly ever measured in the Aloha State.

Residents and visitors as far as Honolulu reported the earth-shaking this afternoon.

There are no reports of injury or major damages at this time.

No tsunami alert was triggered, but USGS is monitoring the situation.

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