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World Tourism Day and Google

World Tourism Day and Google

Google records the trends on the main tourist destinations searched on Google Maps in Italy and Europe. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, which is being celebrated today, September 27, 2021, the search engine has compiled a ranking of Italian and European destinations and made a recap of the tools and initiatives set up to support the tourism industry.

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  1. Tracking began since the beginning of the year on the most popular tourist destinations in Italy on Google Maps.
  2. Most popular are: Colosseum, Amalfi Coast, Milan Cathedral, Gardaland, Trevi Fountain, Tower of Pisa, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and Villa Borghese.
  3. As for all of Europe, the ten most sought after destinations include 3 in Italy.

Making the top ten in Europe are: Tour Eiffel (France), Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Spain), Musée du Louvre (France), Europa-Park (Germany), Colosseum (Italy), Plitvička jezera (Croatia), Amalfi Coast (Italy), Energylandia (Poland), Milan Duomo Cathedral (Italy), Camp Nou (Spain).

Over the past year, Google has worked with the tourism industry by providing insights, no-cost tools, and training to implement digital skills to support businesses and tourism facilities to prepare and adapt to the new normal.

These days, the search engine has also launched a new set of tools and initiatives to help tourism businesses intercept and connect with people online.

These include the new features of Google Search to help people discover attractions, tours, or other activities. When people search for attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, a new module will show links to book admission tickets and other options where available. The service is available globally in English, and partners can promote ticket booking at no cost, similar to the free hotel booking links introduced earlier this year.

Another tool is that relating to the knowledge of the commitment of hotels in terms of sustainability directly on google.com/travel. In fact, the search trends show an increasing search for more sustainable travel options, as evidenced by the search for “eco hotel,” which has been in constant growth since 2004.

From this month, the search for hotel structures is accompanied by a details section with a list of initiatives undertaken by the hotel in favor of sustainability and an “eco-certified” label next to the name of the structure.

Finally, Google joins the Travalyst coalition as a founding member to help develop a global and open model for calculating and visualizing air travel carbon emissions and to help develop similar standards for hotels. The organization – led by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and founded in partnership with Booking.com, Skyscanner, Trip.com, and Visa – is a non-profit and works to help make changes so that sustainable travel becomes common and no longer only niche.

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Mario is a veteran in the travel industry.
His experience extends worldwide since 1960 when at the age of 21 he started exploring Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Mario has seen the World Tourism develop up to date and witnessed the
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During the last 20 years Mario's travel experience has concentrated in South East Asia and of late included the Indian Sub Continent.

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