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A Surprise for World Tourism Day in Nepal is reopening?

Nepal Tourism sets its sights on India tourists
Nepal tourism
Written by Scott Mac Lennan

Namaste World Tourism Day 2021! For Nepal this may mean hotels will may soon welcome foreign guests again. Nepal will be able to showcase its wide open spaces, lakes, mountains and cuisine to tourists seeking the freedom of spreading out to enjoy the most breathtaking scenery this world can offer.

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  • Well informed tourism leaders in Nepal expect a reopening of the Himalayan country for tourism.
  • World Tourism Day in Nepal will not only be virtual, but it will be a physical celebration in a country that is expected to ring the bells of reopening for visitors.
  • With months of lock down, Nepal is ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

There may be a reason why the Nepal Government decided to celebrate the upcoming World Tourism Day in Nepal physically.

If there is any country in the world where social distancing is not a problem, it would be Nepal. The Nepal Government had kept the country closed for many months to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic Nepal was seen as a model to the world on how to safeguard tourists.

Local tourism leaders had prepared for the relaunch. In a meeting two weeks ago, former CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, Deepak Raj Joshi determined to petition the government to remove quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers in order to stimulate tourism in Nepal.

Pointing out that frontline tourism workers are now vaccinated it is the group’s position that the tourism sector should be declared open by the Government of Nepal.

World Tourism Network Chairman Juergen Steinmetz was a speaker at a recent event by Nepal Tourism leaders also discussing the next step in reopening travel and tourism in the Himalayan region in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet.

Deepak Raj Joshi is leading the Himalayan Interest Group for the World Tourism Network.

Two weeks ago the group was pressing for a resumption of visas on arrival and promotion of PCR testing at the airport.

While sections of Nepal have recently opened under some restrictions, such as cinema halls and restaurants at 50% capacity, but there’s been no update to Nepal’s travel restrictions in six months.

World tourism day 2021, will be celebrated physically in Nepal.

The Nepal Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Aviation has announced that on September 27th a grand celebration will be held with masks and social distancing.

The theme for World Tourism Day this year is ” Tourism for Inclusive Growth. ”

It’s hoped the theme will help to foster a greater understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A formal program is being organized at the Nepal Tourism Board’s auditorium.

Video by Scott MacLennan, eTN Nepal

There is no official update yet on the status of tourism reopening in Nepal, but well-informed sources by eTurboNews expect this announcement to come forthcoming shortly.

The arrival to Nepal of fully vaccinated visitors is expected to be allowed for citizens from many countries. A quarantine for such visitors will no longer be required.

Scott MacLennan, eTurboNews correspondent in Nepal said: This is a great way to celebrate World Tourism Day.

More information on Nepal Tourism can be found on www.welcomenepal.com

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