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Awarded to be the First Tourism Hero from Azerbaijan

Mr. Efsun Ahmadov is not only the CEO of Next Group in Baku, but also the first tourism hero invited to join the international hall of tourism hero celebreties.

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  • Mr.Efsun Ahmadov is CEO of Next Group LLC in Azerbaijan, and was awarded to enter the Internationa Hall of Tourism Hero.
  • Mr. Ahmadov is the first hero in tourism from Azerbaijan.
  • He has demonstrated leadership during the COVID-19 crisis in providing volunteer services to help the health industry.

The Tourism Hall of Heroes is an initiative by the World Tourism Network with members in 128 countries.

Due to the pandemic, the world has been experiencing a tourism crisis for almost two years. It also counts for Azerbaijan.

Nonetheless, tourism workers who love their jobs go out of their way to protect and develop their industry. One of these people is Mr. Efsun Ahmadov.

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During the pandemic, he carried out such work as organizing transport for the delivery of doctors to work.

He organized volunteer service for the delivery of medicines and other vital drugs for patients with Covid; providing information support in connection with the pandemic.

Mr. Ahmadov was recovering from COVID-19 himself when he talked to eTurboNews

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