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Dunchurch Park Hotel shuts down overnight: No phones, no website

Dunchurch Park Hotel

The Dunchurch Park Hotel in Dunchurch, a large village and civil parish on the southwestern outskirts of Rugby in Warwickshire, England, has cancelled all overnight stays, weddings, and events moving forward.

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  1. Overnight, the hotel phone lines have been shut down, so no way to communicate with the hotel whether guest or the media.
  2. The hotel website has been deactivated – it is just gone; there is no one last message or explanation for guests or the public.
  3. The hotel has yet to issue any statement explaining this fast shutdown or what has caused it.

All the Dunchurch Park Hotel has confirmed is that it is still operational and that it has not gone into receivership or administration.

A spokesperson took to social media earlier this week and said: “With immediate effect, Dunchurch Park Hotel is no longer open to the general public, or able to facilitate weddings or events. However, we are operational during this period and can clarify we are not in receivership or administration.

“In the meantime, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this will cause; any concerns or questions regarding the impact of our closure should be emailed to [email protected] where a member of our team will be happy to contact you by return.”

This same message is posted to the Dunchurch Park Hotel account on facebook. It appears to have been posted at 2:05 am. Under the written statement the hotel has categorized its post: “Dunchurch Park Hotel limited who can comment on this post,” which one can only mean, they don’t really want to respond to anyone.

On the England hotel’s facebook page, there is a plea from a desperate wedding guest booker:

“Hello????? Why isn’t anyone telling us wedding bookers anything???? Cmon dunchurch. Man up and tell us what’s going.”

The rumor going around the immediate closure is as one person responded: “I’ve been told they’ve taken in a load of refugees on a government grant, this came via an employee. They have a 12-month agreement with government for the refugees.”

The statement by the hotel that questions should be emailed so a member of their team “will be happy to contact you by return,” is not accurate. One facebook user asked if anyone had gotten any response to phone message or emails, writing: “Tried calling and emailing again today – still nothing – has anyone had luck going to the hotel?”

Every reply confirmed no response with one reply being: “No luck with us. We’ve emailed, called every line possible and we’ve tried our coordinator and no responses or updates. … I’m not hopeful for an update until next week hopefully. If it’s regarding a wedding, I would contact some of Dunchurch suppliers, as I’ve managed to get more information and support from them than I have the venue or staff of the hotel!”

They mystery continues.

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  • Hi we here at crazy horses entertainments found out via face book that we had all our bookings weddings cancelled.We have been with DP for 8 years and this is how they treat everyone Not Happy.We are here to help all parties move to other venues for there special day