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Big fine for Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet, Volotea punishment of disabled Passengers and children

Aviation Authority fine

After having imposed a 35,000 euro fine on Ryanair, Wizz Air, easyJet, and Volotea, these airlines will remain in the ever-vigilant sights of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

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  1. According to ENAC, these low-cost airlines are continuing to charge extra to those traveling with children or the disabled.
  2. An emergency measure went into effect on August 15, 2021, preventing a supplemental charge for seats to be together.
  3. EasyJet has immediately responded stating that the accusation and fine is unfounded.

Low-cost airlines, according to ENAC, are guilty of “continuing to charge supplements for the allocation of seats close to carers of minors and the disabled.”

“From the first checks carried out,” ENAC noted, these companies “have defaulted: they have not yet, as prescribed and confirmed by the administrative judge, changed the IT and operating systems, and at the time of bookings, they continue to request a supplement to the cost of the air ticket for the assignment of seats close to the carers of minors and disabled people, except, if necessary, reimbursement.”

For this reason, the Authority “has started the procedure to impose sanctions” against the 3 carriers. The fines – as reported by Corriere della Sera – will be “commensurate with the non-fulfillment” and “can range from a minimum of 10,000 euros to a maximum of 50,000 for each single dispute.”

The free allocation of seats to minors and people with reduced mobility close to their parents and/or carers is guaranteed by an emergency measure issued by ENAC and has been in force since August 15, 2021.

EasyJet immediately replied with a statement, affirming “that it has acted in full compliance with the regulations in force and that the initiation of the procedure to impose the sanction is totally unfounded.”

The company, he recalls, “allocates seats for families jointly, which means that children under 12 and people with reduced mobility are seated next to an accompanying adult at no additional cost.”

The authorities imposed the elimination of the surcharge for these passengers on July 17, 2021. Then the TAR postponed the entry into force of the measure until after August 15. Now the deadline has passed, but those who ask to have a seat next to a minor or disabled person accompanying them are still being charged for the supplement.

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