3 weeks after reopening Tanzania for tourism no spike in COVID-19

3 weeks after reopening Tanzania for tourism no spike in COVID0-19
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On June 18, Tanzania officially reopened its borders. Three weeks into this, there is no new spike in Coronavirus infection. The country remains stable with 305 recorded active cases and 21 dead. It translates into 9 per million population infected, and 0.4 dead per million. This is a very low number for a country of almost 60 million people. There is no reliable data available on how many testings are done in this East African nation. There is also no reliable data on how many visitors actually came to Tanzania after the country opened its borders on June 18.

After barely three months of closure, Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel had bounced back to business as Covid-19 cases remain lowest in Tanzania.

Standing among the leading employer in the tourism and hospitality industry in Africa within its chain of hotels, safari lodges, and tourist camps across East Africa, Serena management had opened its tourist and business in Tanzania’s commercial capital of dar es Salaam last week, bringing again to life its services.

The Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel had got back into business after months of lockdowns in East Africa which had severely hit its core tourism business. The hotel had opened its doors after Tanzania set free its skies for global tourists and business travelers.

Under its new regulations after re-opening, the Serena chain had introduced additional training on health and hygiene to its staff on health safety and precaution while receiving then serving tourists and other visitors booked at the hotel.

The hotel staff members are now undertaking special training on how to use and operate specialized equipment that the Serena Hotels chain had installed in its hospitality properties.

Key hotels equipped with sanitizing equipment and security screening machines which are those in Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, and Dar es Salaam.

After coming back to business, Serena chain management said an emphasis has been put in place to ensure cleanliness, safety, and comfort in their guest rooms.

Rigorous cleaning and safety protocols and compliance measures in line with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization requirements to prevent the spread of this virus have been put in place.

Luggage sanitization and room keys disinfection, temperature screening with infrared thermometers, social distancing measures with floor markers to indicate space as per required specifications are in place.

Other safety measures taken are face masks to all staff, hand sanitizers at gardens, conference halls and the lobby, transport vehicles including shuttle, limousines at the hotels, and game drive vehicles at the lodges and camps will be appropriately cleaned and sanitizers mounted in each vehicle.

Briefing the guests on safety protocols upon their arrival is the other anti-COVID-19 measure to ensure health safety to tourists and other travelers booked to stay with Serena chain

Several other health measures have been put in place after the opening of Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel, the management said.


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